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This webinar will be held Monday, February 13, 2023, from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. ET.


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This webinar provides an overview on the design, implementation, and maintenance of FocalPoint stormwater systems.

FocalPoint is an on-line stormwater BMP that utilizes regionally acceptable vegetation planted in a high-flow rate biofiltration media layer that treats stormwater pollutants such as total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients, metals and bacteria.  The high-flow rate media allows for a system footprint that is notably smaller than that of traditionally sized filtering BMPs, making it an ideal option for sites with limited amounts of available space.  The system also has an optional modular underdrain which can be used to provide additional subsurface storage/detention.

A video recording of the presentation will be provided.


Christopher Dill, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

W. Scott Gourneau, Convergent Water Technologies

Rob Woodman, Ferguson Waterworks

Leonard R. Bradley, Diprete Engineering

Mark Hollis, Diprete Engineering

Dana Nisbet, Diprete Engineering

Michael Gazdacko, Colbea Enterprises LLC/Seasons Market

Larry Colantuono, Safe Harbor Wickford Cove





Christopher Dill, E.I.T.

Environmental Engineer I - Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Chris Dill.jpg

Chris is a stormwater engineer who has been with RIDEM for two and a half years.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from UMass Dartmouth and his background includes work and research involving construction materials and water treatment technology.  In addition to reviewing stormwater construction projects, he also reviews applications for proprietary stormwater treatment technologies that get submitted to RIDEM for approval. 

W. Scott Gorneau, PE (ME, NH)

Vice President of Innovation, Convergent Water Technologies


As Vice President of Stormwater for Convergent Water Technologies, Mr. Gorneau is responsible for managing accounts seeking to grow their businesses by offering innovative green infrastructure/low impact stormwater solutions that enable new applications and raise the bar on performance, cost effectiveness and verification.

Earning a BS in Biological Systems Engineering in 1996 and a MS in Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering in 1998 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provided the necessary knowledge for Gorneau to launch his career into the technical sales and the specified engineered products industry. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Maine and New Hampshire, and a Maine Certified Stormwater Inspector.

Growing up in Maine, he was fortunate to experience an abundance of natural resources in both summer and winter. He is an avid fishermen, outdoorsman and “defender” of natural resources. He and his wife of 23 years have been blessed with two remarkable children.

Convergent Water Technologies (CWT) is headquartered in Houston, TX and was founded in 2011 to address the urgent need for innovative stormwater management solutions. Convergent Water Technologies delivers cost-effective systems and services designed to overcome water management challenges

Robert (Rob) J Woodman, PE, NGICP, CPESC

National Manager - Urban Green Infrastructure, Ferguson Waterworks


Rob graduated in Civil Engineering in Australia. He spent the first 10 years as design and project engineer for a private engineering consulting firm, gaining experience and expanding his knowledge of the industry on a wide variety of civil and stormwater engineering design projects for private and public sector clients throughout New England. In 2014 Rob took an opportunity to leverage his expertise in innovative stormwater and green infrastructure treatment systems and transitioned from consulting to the product, solution and innovation side of the industry. Rob now serves Ferguson Enterprises as the National Manager of Urban Green Infrastructure and supports engineers, landscape architects and designers on site development and green infrastructure systems overcoming design and permitting challenges with a suite of innovative solutions. Rob leads a team of engineers, project managers and business development associates. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Maine and Pennsylvania, NGICP certified, a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Maine DEP Certified Stormwater Inspector, an ASCE member, and entrepreneur. Rob serves as an associate board supervisor for the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District in southern Maine and is an active ASCE member. Rob lives in Gorham, Maine with his wife and four kids.

Principal, DiPrete Engineering 

Leonard R. Bradley, PE


Principal at DiPrete Engineering with over 30 years of engineering and design experience. Mr. Bradley has a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Rhode Island and is a registered Professional Engineer in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As one of the firm’s Principals, he is responsible for new business development and overseeing the successful completion of many of our client’s projects.

Mark Hollis

Project Manager, DiPrete Engineering


Project Manager at DiPrete Engineering with over 12 years of experience with commercial site engineering.  Mr. Hollis joined DiPrete Engineering in 2018 after spending six years as a Stormwater Engineer with the City of Worcester. He has a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UMass Lowell. As one of DiPrete’s Project Managers, Mr. Hollis is responsible for all aspects of a project including client management, scope, design and public hearings.

Dana Nisbet, PE

Senior Project Engineer, DiPrete Engineering


Senior Project Engineer at DiPrete Engineering with over 11 years of experience with engineering design and permitting in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Ms. Nisbet joined DiPrete in 2015 after gaining experience in the field as an environmental engineer. She has a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College. As one of the firm’s Senior Project Engineers, Ms. Nisbet works closely with designers and engineers on all aspects of projects, including engineering design, construction oversight, and project management.

Michael Gazdacko

Director of Construction and Maintenance, Colbea Enterprises LCC/Seasons Corner Market

Larry Colantuono

General Manager, Safe Harbor Wickford Cove

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