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Cultec Separator Row & StormTech Isolator Row PLUS

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.





The Cultec Separator Row and StormTech Isolator Row PLUS are newly-approved by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management as Proprietary Stormwater Pre-treatment Devices. In this webinar, we will provide an overview on the design and implementation of these stormwater management technologies.

The Cultec Separator Row and StormTech Isolator Row PLUS consist of open bottom arch-shaped chambers underlain by innovative geotextiles to provide filtration of stormwater. They are designed to improve water quality and enhance the effective design life of water quality treatment Best Management Practices (BMPs) by capturing trash and sediment before the stormwater is able to flow into the main treatment system. Learn more about how these technologies have been designed to improve water quality and how they have been utilized by engineers in stormwater projects.

This webinar is hosted by the Southeast New England Program Network (SNEP) and the Stormwater Innovation Center (SIC). The SNEP Network provides training and assistance to municipalities, organizations, and tribes to advance stormwater and watershed management, ecological restoration, and climate resilience in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The goal of the SIC is to demonstrate to communities throughout Rhode Island and Southeast New England strategies for improving urban water quality and associated wildlife habitat through the use of innovative green stormwater practices.


Christopher Dill, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Robert Lemire, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Kyle Smiley, CULTEC, Inc.



Presenter Information:


Christopher Dill, E.I.T.

Environmental Engineer II - Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Chris Dill.jpg

Chris has worked as an Environmental Engineer in the RIDEM Stormwater Construction Permitting program since 2020.  He graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering.  In addition to reviewing stormwater designs for construction projects, he is also the primary contact for the RIDEM Technical Review Committee which is responsible for approving proprietary stormwater treatment devices in Rhode Island.

Rob LeMire

Engineered Products Manager, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Rob LeMire.jpeg

For over 27 years, Rob has been assisting engineers with Stormwater solutions through creative product applications as Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) Field Applications Engineer.

Kyle Smiley, P.E.

Technical Engineer, CULTEC, Inc.

Kyle Smiley.png

Kyle has been the Cultec New England Technical Engineer for 2 years. Prior to joining Cultec, Kyle worked as a highway design engineer for 6 years and has a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from The Citadel.

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