How to Get Involved with PSIC

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If you are interested in sharing your stormwater or green infrastructure knowledge and information in a training at the Providence Stormwater Innovation Center, we welcome all presenters and topics from the private, non-profit and government sectors.  Please contact Ryan Kopp ( to get involved.


Volunteer sampling events are held every other Tuesday in Roger Williams Park at the Seal House


You can download both the bloomWatch and iNaturalist apps on the Android or iPhone app store. 


BloomWatch photos are taken at bodies of water to track the growth of cyanobacteria blooms. 

CyanoScope imaging is performed using a water sample and the cyanoScope kit, which can be found at

We also analyze samples for phycocyanin and chlorophyll concentrations using a fluorometer.


More information about citizen scientist monitoring can be found on our website here

Record pond condition data through the citizen scientist apps bloomWatch and cyanoScope 

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Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.03.13

Help to take pictures at each of the posts throughout Roger Williams Park. These pictures are uploaded to the Picture Post website and used to document pond water quality and the maintenance of green stormwater structures. 


 Find a map of the post locations and an interactive  walking/biking tour (complete with videos at each BMP) here

You can also volunteer as a Picture Post steward. Picture post steward responsibilities include taking pictures at each Picture Post and uploading the photos to the Picture Post website periodically (i.e. weekly or biweekly). 

Please contact Ryan Kopp at for more information and to sign up to be a PSIC Picture Post steward.

Take Pictures at the RWP to help track changes to green infrastructure and the ponds. 
Become a Picture Post Steward!


URI Watershed Watch is a volunteer monitoring program founded by the University of Rhode Island. Volunteer monitors collect pond water samples from six pond sites throughout the monitoring season (May-October). More information about the types of data collected can be found here

You can sign up to be a Watershed Watch volunteer for the next monitoring season (starting in May 2021) at the link below:


Collect water samples with URI Watershed Watch