Stormwater - Art - Schools

2021 was our first year working with local schools in a lead-up to the Rain Harvest Arts Festival.  Environmental educators from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and the Providence Parks Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership worked with schools and teachers in Providence and Cranston to engage the students about stormwater, how it affects water quality and wildlife habitat and how humans can help.  The science-themed lessons are a mixture of virtual,  in-person at each school and outdoors in Roger Williams Park incorporating the high concentration of green infrastructure projects in the park that are designed to improve water quality.  

Students took the information and knowledge that they learned about stormwater and water quality and worked with a teaching artist to develop and design a stormwater-themed mural.  These murals were painted near stormdrains around their schools to help educate the general public about what is in stormwater runoff, what happens to it once it goes down the drain and how if affects nearby lakes, rivers and estuaries.  We  documented the student's learning and design process as well as the final outcome of the mural with a short video that was showcased at the Rain Harvest Arts Festival.  

Sophia Academy

New Urban Arts

Eden Park Elementary