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Picture Posts are a part of the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) network, an environmental monitoring project which is a citizen science initiative funded by NASA to create opportunities for informal and formal science educators and the community-at-large to collaborate by sharing digital photographs from Picture Post sites.  Picture Posts are installed at forests, parks, and schools. Each post guides visitors to photograph a location in nine orientations. Photos are dated, geotagged, uploaded, and shared at https://picturepost.ou.edu/map.jsp

Ten Picture Posts are installed within Roger Williams Park with different purposes depending on location.  First, posts are installed overlooking specific green infrastructure installations to document maturation, such as vegetation change, over time.  Second, posts are installed near ponds known to be affected by algal blooms in order to visually document their timing and extent.  Some posts located near both a green infrastructure installation and water body are utilized for both purposes.  Find the location of Picture Posts within Roger Williams Park in the map below.

Participants can use either the Picture Post website or mobile application to submit photographs and following the steps below:


  1. Register a profile at either picturepost.ou.edu or through the Picture Post mobile application that is available in the App Store on Apple mobile devices.

  2. Locate the corresponding post on the map and select “Upload your photos.”

  3. Select “Upload,” place camera at the corresponding cardinal direction, and take photo.  Alternatively, if the photo was already taken, choose the correct picture to upload.

  4. Enter the correct date and time, then select “Save.”

For a 4.0 mile interactive walking/biking tour around Roger Williams Park to visit the Picture Posts, visit https://arcg.is/0uyXbP. The tour includes videos explaining the individual BMPs at each site and how they work.

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