Picture posts

Ten Picture Posts are installed around Roger Williams Park with different purposes depending on location.  First, posts are installed overlooking specific green infrastructure installations to document changes to vegetation and sedimentation over time. These photos provide us with information on the frequency of maintenance that is required to keep the structures functioning.  Second, posts are installed near ponds known to be affected by algal blooms in order to visually document their timing and extent.  Find the location of Picture Posts within Roger Williams Park in the map below.

To participate:

  1. Create a profile on the Picture Post website

  2. Locate a picture post from the map above or the tour below

  3. Take 9 photos in each cardinal direction (also facing up) at the post

  4. Upload each photo in the proper cardinal direction for the post you too took pictures

  5. Repeat at other posts or the same post over time.

For a 4.0 mile interactive walking/biking tour around Roger Williams Park to visit the Picture Posts, visit https://arcg.is/0uyXbP. The tour includes videos explaining the individual BMPs at each site and how they work.