Rain Harvest Arts Festival

The Rain Harvest Arts Festival at Roger Williams Park’s Stormwater Innovation Center is a community celebration of the City of Providence’s investment in over 40 projects to clean polluted stormwater runoff before it enters the Park’s ponds. Visual and performance artists and environmental scientists from Rhode Island share their inspirations and engage the public in learning about stormwater and water quality. 

Join us on June 12th, 2021.

Meet the ARTISTS

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Stormwater runoff in urban areas is a major source of pollution in lakes, rivers and Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.  When it storms, rain falling from the sky that lands on pavement, roofs, construction sites, driveways and parking lots is unable to soak into the ground.  Instead, it collects in gutters and is directed to the nearest storm drain.  The stormwater is full of contaminants from lawn fertilizers, pet waste, goose feces, sediment, gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze.  All this pollution is carried in the stormwater, to the gutter, to the storm drain, and then piped directly to the nearest water body. The pollution in our rivers, lakes, and estuaries is harmful to humans, animals and aquatic plants.  


Green infrastructure

Green infrastructure is an approach used to manage stormwater that diverts contaminated runoff from the roadways before it is piped directly to the water body.  Once the stormwater is diverted into the green infrastructure site, natural vegetation and soils are used to purify the water, remove contaminants and create healthier urban environments.  Green infrastructure reduces and treats stormwater at its source while delivering environmental, social, and economic benefits.


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