Roger Williams Park is in the southern part of Providence, Rhode Island contains 435 acres of landscaped areas including Roger Williams Park Zoo and an extensive pond system.  Built from an 1878 plan, the park now sees over 1 million visitors per year, many coming from Elmwood, Washington Park, and south Providence neighborhoods adjacent to the park.  The water quality of the ponds is severely degraded and suffering from impacts associated with the development of dense urban areas that drain into the ponds. The ponds were first listed in the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management's (DEM) impaired water bodies list in 1992 and remain a problem today.  DEM's Total Maximum Daily Load Report highlighted the Roger Williams Park pond system for its deteriorating water quality.  The pond system's regular cyanobacteria blooms that can be harmful to humans, pets, marine mammals, fish and shelfish illustrate the ongoing and urgent need for pollution abatement in the ponds.   

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