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Help us monitor green infrastructure in Rhode Island by uploading videos and photos during storms

Green infrastructure is a nature-based stormwater management solution designed to reduce the pollution that enters our local waterways. It utilizes soil and plants to filter the stormwater. To ensure its continued effectiveness, regular checks and assessments are necessary during rainstorms and over time. This is where RainSnap comes in – a community-based stormwater monitoring network that helps us keep an eye on the stormwater. Volunteers and environmental stewards actively participate in RainSnap by recording videos of stormwater flows at green infrastructure sites during heavy rain events, which are then uploaded to our interactive website. This information serves as a valuable resource for stormwater management decision-makers, designers, contractors, and maintenance workers, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sites’ effectiveness.


RainSnap is funded through the Stormwater Innovation Center by a grant from EPA's Southeast New England Program (SNEP), through SNEP Watershed Implementation Grants managed by Restore America’s Estuaries.

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